An Introduction to Amazon Headline Search Ads for 3P Sellers

August 8, 2017

Digital Marketing Ben Hedrick By Ben Hedrick

Third-party Amazon sellers, rejoice! The highly-effective Headline Search Ads, which historically have only been available for first-party sellers, are now available through Seller Central.

What are Amazon Headline Search Ads?

Amazon Headline Search is a pay-per-click advertising program that allows sellers to market their ASINs in a stock creative design on gallery search pages on Amazon. Headline search are a great opportunity for third party sellers to drive traffic to specific ASINs using measurable, goal-driven KPIs similar to Amazon Sponsored Products.

Amazon Headline Search Ads. Image source:
Source: Amazon

How to Enroll

Since the program is now live you can access the program through this link.  Please note that you must be an active Amazon Sponsored Products advertiser and enrolled in the Brand Registry program to begin Headline Search Ads.

headline search ads opt in
If you’ve been approved, the Headline Search Ads option will show up in your seller central dashboard

How Are the Ads Built?

Amazon has a stock template that’s loaded for sellers to utilize. This means that aside from products images, selection and keywords, sellers won’t have much flexibility when creating the ad.

Since the ad will only redirect to a single landing page, it’s important to merchandise relatable products inside a single ad. A typical seller may have several of these ads built inside a single category or even a single brand. Once the product selection is assigned, you’ll need to incorporate the corresponding keywords and match types to the ad.

Choosing the correct match type is often times based upon the product set chosen for each ad.  For example, if you’re selling a red iPhone case, we recommend you review the table below to understand how to incorporate proper phrase matching with your keywords. Match types are crucial for filtering out relatable shoppers to ideal ones.

Target Keyword: iphone case


Type Description User Query Match?
Broad All keywords contained in the customer search
Terms can be in any orders
red iphone case
Phrase Search terms must contain the exact phrase
Must match the exact sequence of words
May include other words before or after
red iphone case
green iphone case
Exact Exactly as the search term
Will match to plurals and common misspellings
iphone cases
red iphone case

After the campaign is built there will be reporting options available that sellers can leverage to understand performance similar to that of Amazon Sponsored Products.  

When to Use Headline Search Ads

Headline Search Ads are best used for a group of products in similar categories (think products that can be grouped in the same keywords) that need a boost in search or are products in highly-competitive environments.

Since these ads appear at the very top of the search page (even before Sponsored Products!) we also recommend leveraging Headline Search Ads when launching a new product line or promoting seasonal items to give your products maximum visibility.

We expect Headline Search Ads to be a powerful tool for 3P sellers as we move into the holiday season and 2018.