6 Tips For Stronger Social Media Strategies This Holiday Season

September 2, 2016

Digital Marketing Laura Lane By Laura Lane

Summer may still be in full swing, but the lucrative holiday season is just around the corner. While you make the finishing touches to your product promotions, it’s also worth turning an eye to your social media plan for the peak season. Social media offers you the perfect opportunity to cut through the pre-holidays promotional clutter and engage with consumers – turning them into loyal customers and brand advocates.

To ensure you have a strong social presence this holiday season, take a read through our list of social tips that you’ll need to check (more than twice!).

  1. Remember your audience 

Remember that in the run-up to the holidays, consumers are searching for gifts rather than shopping for themselves. This should affect how you speak to them, so you’ll need to adjust your promotional wording to attract this traffic. Use terms like ‘great gifts for dad’ or ‘top Christmas gifts for children’ in your social media pages. Put yourself in the shoes of someone shopping for someone else. The small changes in your language could have a big impact.

  1. Don’t just promote, interact too

Social media offers a great chance to interact with your potential and existing customers in a direct and immediate way. So be sure to take a multi-pronged approach to social media – don’t just focus on sales. Customers will quickly grow weary of too much self-promotion. Have some fun with social; comment on pictures, respond to feedback and make it a two-way conversation. By building a positive relationship with customers you’re encouraging them to stay loyal to you for the long term – remember customers should be for life – not just for the holidays!

  1. Plan for peak days

There are a number of peak shopping days leading up to the December holidays. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just two to mark in your calendar. Why not start early and get your target audience motivated to start planning their shopping? Social media is a great platform for showcasing any upcoming deals you have. From competitions to vouchers, build anticipation of these shopping days well in advance.

  1. Broadcast delivery options

Nothing could damage a relationship more than not delivering a customer’s holiday packages in time. Social is a great place to highlight your final shipping days. Send out reminders about the last day to order for guaranteed holiday deliveries. You could also capture some last minute shoppers with this tactic!

  1. Manage your reputation

According to a Nielsen survey on trust, only 33% of people believe brands when they talk about themselves, but a remarkable 92% believe what peers say about brands. Reputations are made or broken on social media so look out for any negative or positive tweets or posts and respond right away. Don’t make your only interaction with a pre-holiday shopper be a negative mention or you’ll put off potential customers.

  1. Get dynamic with advertising

Facebook Dynamic Ads and Instagram Dynamic Ads are a great way to profit from the tremendous reach and personalization of these mammoth social channels. Dynamic ads have been a staple of Facebook’s advertising since 2015, helping retailers retarget consumers and promote their products. These ads can target your shoppers based on actions they’ve taken (or not taken) with a product on your website. Facebook’s expansion of the program to Instagram is great news for retailers and branded manufacturers. These ads are driven by product data feeds and serve as both an additional touchpoint as well as an opportunity for post-purchase upsells of similar products or related accessories.

We hope these tips have given you a timely reminder that it’s time to put the finishing touches to a strong social media plan in time for Holiday 2016. Looking for more tips to boost your social campaigns? Download our Bridging the E-Commerce and Social Media Gap eBook today!

Blog post by Laura Lane, marketing and communications manager, ChannelAdvisor UK