5 Things You May Have Missed from the Shopping Campaigns Webinar

June 6, 2014

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On Wednesday, Google’s Nicole Premo and ChannelAdvisor’s Jackie Jenkins teamed up to host a webinar aimed at getting retailers up to speed on Google’s new product listing ads (PLA) interface called Shopping campaigns. Didn’t make it to the webinar? Here are five takeaways you’ll want to know.

1. August Is Coming — Fast

Google announced that retailers have until the end of August to transition their current PLA campaigns to the recently released Shopping campaigns format. After this date, Google will force all remaining PLA campaigns into the new format without optimization or input from the retailer.

2. You’ll Need to Get Granular

Shopping campaigns allow retailers to organise and group inventory into more granular subcategories, such as:

  • Brand

  • Item ID

  • Condition

  • Product type

Then you can assign separate bidding values to each. Products that aren’t assigned specific bids are grouped automatically into an “everything else” category, ensuring that all products are covered within a campaign.

3. More Segmenting Means More Metrics

Google has incorporated this segmented approach into its metrics, enabling retailers to analyze and export performance data by product attribute or by individual products. Depending on a retailer’s business needs, it’s possible to pull specific metrics on a brand, product type or even a product ID.

4. Get Access to Competitor Insights

With Shopping campaigns, retailers have access to valuable competitive landscape data, including benchmark cost-per-click (CPC), click-through rate (CTR) and impression share estimates. Additionally, a new bid simulator allows retailers to experiment with bidding strategies by providing estimated campaign results at different bid levels.

5. Create Product Groups 37 Times Faster

The new ChannelAdvisor Product Group Generator saves retailers valuable time when setting up their Shopping campaigns. In fact, the Product Group Generator structured an entire campaign 37 times faster than it took to build manually. Once setup is complete, the campaign remains in sync with a retailer’s product data feed, eliminating the need for manual updates when changes are made.

Product Group Template

Creating a template with ChannelAdvisor’s Product Group Generator.

To view the webinar in its entirety, download the recorded version here.

Blog post by Gregory Ives, Product Marketing Manager, Digital Marketing

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