3 Facebook Updates Retailers Should Know from The Q3 Index

December 6, 2013

Digital Marketing ChannelAdvisor By ChannelAdvisor

Over time, Facebook has become an everyday part of our lives. What we’ve seen over the past few years, however, is the e-commerce gain for retailers who market their company and products through Facebook. These days many retailers own and run a Facebook page. But it’s how you run it that is the vital component in its success.

Each quarter, our Facebook Commerce Index tracks retailers’ Facebook pages, analysing their growth over the past three months and the method they used to achieve such results. This quarter in the UK Facebook Commerce Index we delve into the Facebook strategies of Amazon, New Look, Boux Avenue and Isme. For the US Facebook Commerce Index we identified Walmart, Tommy Hilfiger, Ahnu Footwear and Northern Tools as the notable success stories of the past three months.

In Q3, there were also three important Facebook updates that apply to retailers; the News Feed Ranking algorithm, the use of Shutterstock images in advertising and finally changes to the way retailers can run promotions. Below we provide a brief overview of these changes:

News Feed Ranking Algorithm

Facebook1Facebook’s new update allows certain posts, which users may have missed the first time around, to reappear near the top of their news feed. This will only occur however if the post has received a significant amount of Likes and comments.

The result is that even if Facebook users missed a post the first time, they are given a second chance to see selected posts. If a user didn’t scroll down their news feed far enough and never saw a retailer’s post and if the post receives an adequate amount of engagement from other users, it would reappear near the top of the news feed. The benefit of this update is the increased exposure it offers retailers. Make sure you make your posts as engaging and relevant as possible to boost your chances of reappearing in a feed.

Shutterstock Images & Multiple Images Uploads:

Millions of Shutterstock images are now available to businesses on Facebook at no additional price. Retailers on Facebook will also be able to select multiple images when creating ads. One of the biggest advantages of retailers using images from the Shutterstock library is that they are all commercially licensed and available for use in all Facebook ad formats.

Facebook 2

The right images, especially those of high quality, will often increase the performance of Facebook ads. This update now provides retailers with a far broader choice of images, allowing you to select the most suitable one for your ad. The multiple images uploads update also allows retailers to create multiple ads at the same time, speeding up the process significantly.

Administering Promotions Facebook 3

Following an update of Facebook’s page terms, promotions on Facebook (e.g. giveaways or prizes that require entry or registration) are no longer required to be administered purely through apps.

This update means that promotions can now be run on page timelines, enabling retailers to collect entries from users posting on their page, or from Liking and commenting on a page post. Likes can be used as a voting mechanism and retailers can attain entries via users messaging on the page.

6a00d8341d136453ef0192ac6a4a82970d-800wiHaving a Facebook presence can certainly help you engage with customers and increase brand awareness, no matter where you’re located across the globe. For more on Facebook as a retail and marketing tool and to learn how leading companies are already mastering this channel, download the full Q3 analysis in the UK Facebook Commerce Index or US Facebook Commerce Index today.

With less than one month remaining in the final quarter of 2013, keep a look out for our fourth and final quarterly Facebook Commerce Index around the start of 2014.