3 Facebook Updates Retailers Should Know from The Q2 Index

August 7, 2013

Digital Marketing ChannelAdvisor By ChannelAdvisor

Facebook pages are at the heart of social commerce;
they’re one of the many ways retailers grow brand influence, find and engage in
conversations with potential customers, promote products and leverage the power
of peer influence in purchase decisions. The purpose of ChannelAdvisor’s
quarterly Facebook Commerce Index
is to track fan growth
and analyze strategies that leading US retailers use to engage with fans and
promote products on Facebook. This report reveals the LEADING retailers on Facebook, analyzes the strategies behind top engagers and growers, and sheds light on Facebook updates retailers can leverage for business.

quarter, the Facebook Commerce Index highlighted three important Facebook changes
that apply to retail brands: the US release of Graph Search, the launch of hashtags and new page engagement metrics. Learn what’s new on Facebook that you can be using for your retail business!


Graph Search is Rolled Out in the US

With the release of Graph Search in the US, Facebook
users and retail customers can easily find businesses and
retailers that fit their wants and needs. Through this search engine, Facebook users are able to see what Pages their friends or followers have “Liked”
and recently visited on Facebook. Using Grpah Search, Facebook users gain visibility into what products and retail Pages are most Liked by their network of friends. With this update, it’s key that retailers update the “About” information to ensure their Page will be indexed for related searches by users.

In the example below, Graph Search is being used to crowdsource Shopping & Retail places (or, Pages) this user’s Facebook friends have “Liked”:

Graph search

This update adds weight to an important principle our Facebook Commerce Index has been impressing on retailers all along: content published to Facebook must be engaging and shareable. The more your content is organically shared by fans, the more likely you’ll grow your fan base by reaching similar audiences. As your grow your audience, the more likely you’ll be found by ‘friends of fans’ through Graph Search.

Increased Visibility with #Hashtags

Another recent update that Facebook
made is the use of the hashtag (e.g. #CyberMonday), which allows users to discover all conversations happening about a single topic within Facebook at any given point in time. Hashtag enable users to see a wider,
public discussion based on the topic of the hashtag. Hashtags, when clicked, lead to a separate window within Facebook where all posts with that same hashtag are aggregated for the user to see.

Using hashtags, retailers can draw attention to
specific events, promotions and products. Further, hashtags present great opportunities to connect with Facebook users
and audiences beyond their established fan bases.

EBags provides a great example on how
to use hashtags within a product-focused post on Facebook. Using the hashtag #throwbackthursday is a smart strategy because the topic isn’t siloed to eBags’ brand or category. By choosing to hashtag a topic that’s both fun and used widely on social media, eBags multiplies the liklihood that this post will be discovered by Facebook users who’ve also used or searched for the #ThrowbackThursday hashtag:



Additional Insights for Page Managers

Facebook has given social marketers additional insight, releasing new Page metrics
and data to track engagement. “PTAT” stands for people talking about this and is a metric that provides unique insight for marketers. It is used to measure the engagement on Facebook pages
and allows retailers to see how many people have used content from their pages
to create their own posts and stories. What’s more with the new Page metrics, retailers can see who’s engaging and where, with engagement data segmented by gender, geography, country, city and language.
This information can be used to make smarter decisions about the type of content and posts that garner the greatest

Below you can see how Facebook has made
the process of tracking engagements easy
, with insight into the total Facebook users engaged versus Page fans engaged by gender, age, geography and language:



The Q2 Facebook Commerce Index offers retailers a
greater idea of how to make their businesses rise above the competition when it
comes to the use of social media sites. Whether you are a small or large
retailer, this report is sure to leave you more informed and to provide you
with beneficial information helpful for your specific business. To learn who the TOP Retailers on Facebook are, and which retailers, big and small, are emerging as social commerce trailblazers, download the Q2 Facebook Commerce Index today!