11 Tips for Creating Images That Convert

October 16, 2013

Digital Marketing ChannelAdvisor By ChannelAdvisor

shoppers view your product listing on Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping or another
online sales channel, where do they look first?  You guessed
it: the product photo.

Over time, online shopping has become more and more
image-driven. Retailers are leaning toward minimalistic design that favors large
images and de-emphasizes text. EBay recently updated its interface with a photo-forward,
Pinterest-like redesign. Amazon released Amazon
, an image-heavy feed that lets consumers save, share and recommend
product photos.

We’re not
saying you should never write a product description again. Words are still
important, but when it comes to conversions, quality multimedia content
matters. To make sure you’re using images and video to encourage conversions,
check out our top 11 tips:

1.   Showcase Special Features

How many photos should you include? Which features should you highlight?
The answers depend on the type of product you’re selling. Texture, color and
front/back displays especially matter for apparel. For electronics, images that
show functionality are important. Use product descriptions as a starting point to
determine what to capture.

Detail image
Photo Credit: Amazon and eBags

2.   Zoom In and Vary

Natori necklace

Photo Credit: Natori

The more views you provide, the better. Seeing multiple angles gives
shoppers a better understanding of the product, encouraging conversions and
decreasing returns. You can simply take photos of the product in different
orientations, or even better, let product reviews determine which features
deserve their own photos. If buyers love the clasps on your new handbag, for
example, include a close-up that shows just how great they are.  If it’s an apparel item, it’s always great to
showcase the item on a model so shoppers can get an idea of scale.



Natori multiple views

Photo Credit: Natori

Natori highlights a zoomed-in look at
its sunglasses as well as a side view.