Building Your 1P Brand on Amazon, Part 2: Advertising

December 29, 2016

Brands Sean Finnegan By Sean Finnegan

In my last post, I discussed how brands selling via Amazon 1P can start to build a successful presence on the marketplace by investing in quality content, making sure they’re utilizing Amazon’s new brand gating feature correctly and using the power of good reviews to bring in the right consumers.

Today, we’re moving on to another critical building block of a successful 1P brand: Advertising.

Just like how you can build your brand’s A+ content in Vendor Central, you also have three major advertising opportunities to take advantage of within the portal: Sponsored Products, Product Display Ads and Headline Search ads.

Drive Conversions with Sponsored Products

Sponsored Products are keyword-targeted ads that allow you to advertise individual products you sell on The creative is built by Amazon, but you do have the option to edit the headline and logo before you submit the ad.

When creating campaigns, you have the option to assign an average daily budget (how much you’re willing to spend over the course of a month) throughout the campaign duration. You can also test with keyword options such as exact match, phrase match and broad match.

Top tips for Sponsored Products:

  • Make sure to keep your campaigns running continuously — according to Bloomberg, more than 50% of shoppers consult Amazon first when starting their product searches, so your opportunity to convert these buyers year-round is significant.
  • Experiment with both automatic and manual campaign targeting to find the right mix of keywords that provide the most opportunity for your ads to be shown.
  • Utilize the Bid+ functionality to increase the odds of your ads showing up at the top of search results.

Use Product Display Ads to Target Buyers’ Specific Interests

Product Display Ads are a great tool for brands with niche products that can target buyers’ specific interests.These ads are relevant to buyers targeting specific product pages as opposed to undecided buyers who are looking through search results on Amazon.

Display ads can display in multiple areas of — right rail, bottom of search, product detail pages, Amazon generated marketing emails and even product review pages.  

Product Display Ads are a cost-per-click auction-based program.  The more you’re willing to spend, the more likely it is that your ad will be displayed to relevant shoppers.

Top tips for Product Display Ads:

  • Utilize interest-based targeting, especially if your brand is related to a specific activity or subject, such as bicycling or video games.
  • Use product display ads for targeting your competitors’ products, or to display complementary products on your own pages.
  • Target specific products in order to reach customers who have already decided what they’re looking for rather than ones who are just browsing the site.

Use Headline Search Ads to Drive Traffic to Your Brand or Custom Landing Pages

Headline Search ads can advertise specific products of your choosing to help you acquire additional traffic on This is a keyword targeted cost-per-click program for your brand that utilizes Amazon search.

The more competitive your bid is, the more likely your product will appear at the top of search results and send the buyer to your own product page on

Top tips for Headline Search ads:

  • Set your first campaign for only about a month to test. Set pacing to as quickly as possible to maximize the opportunity for buyers to see your ad.
  • Start with just 30 or 40 of your top keywords and keep them relevant to your product category.
  • Use “phrase match” to maximize the potential for shoppers to find your ad in search results as opposed to “exact match” which requires shoppers to type in the exact keyword you’ve selected to drive them to your ad.

Sponsored Products, Headline Search and Product Display Ads are key drivers to generating more traffic and revenue on These advertising tools are critical to a winning strategy for your brand on the marketplace, and shouldn’t be overlooked. And for more on 1P brand building on the marketplace, check out the free on-demand webinar: Amazon 101: Owning Your Brand Strategy.

Still have questions about building your brand as a first-party seller on Amazon? Don’t hesitate to reach out to to talk to an e-commerce expert!