Use Our Proprietary Data to Benchmark Against the Competition

How would you like to leverage the power of $8.9 billion in GMV — transaction data from more than 2,900 retailers and brands — to make informed decisions about your business?

This is exactly what ChannelAdvisor Benchmarking offers. Our comprehensive suite of customizable dashboards provides unmatched insight into how your performance stacks up against that of the competition. Use it to identify your strengths, weaknesses and opportunities on Amazon, eBay, Google and Walmart.

How It Works

It’s incredibly important to gain a deep understanding of overall performance — not just by measuring your own year-over-year growth, but by comparing your metrics to those of competitors and marketplaces. ChannelAdvisor Benchmarking makes clear where you’ll need to focus efforts for future growth.

You can check your top categories for further insights or compare your mix of channels against competing sellers to identify new options for expansion. Or, use the tool to see how your Google Shopping campaigns are performing compared to other advertisers in your space.

  • See how your sales compare to those of eBay
  • Find out if your growth margins match those of Amazon
  • Learn how YoY sales compare to similar sellers in your category
  • And much more!

Ready to Start Benchmarking?

See what competitors are doing so you can keep outpacing with insights found only in ChannelAdvisor Benchmarking. Request a demo to see it in action.