YescomUSAExpands to 16 Global Marketplaces With ChannelAdvisor

Company Overview

From its website, you wouldn’t know that YescomUSA began solely as an e-retailer of cell phone accessories. Since 2002, the Chinese company has grown its online business to be a one-stop shop for everything from patio umbrellas to musical instruments to treadmills and more. Today, the brand sells into the U.S. with close to 3,000 SKUs targeting both B2C and B2B small businesses across marketplaces.

The Situation

YescomUSA began its online presence on eBay. But with a focus on profit and gross merchandise volume (GMV) growth, the company began facing difficulty with listing management, order integration and customer relationship management (CRM) within the service department. As consumer preferences changed and more marketplaces sprouted up, YescomUSA realised the difficulty of keeping up with technology updates of each platform on its own.

YescomUSA went in search of a central console that could manage eBay listings across multiple accounts, automate order management and maintain record history for after-sales CRM content. Yet, there were very few systems in China like that at the time.

The Solution

Based in the U.S., YescomUSA’s CEO learned about ChannelAdvisor, leading the two companies to partner in 2015.

ChannelAdvisor had a Chinese team employed in the APAC region, which facilitated business development and customer communication, strengthening the relationship even more.

Today, the company’s account operations, marketing and product development, supply chain logistics and customer service teams all use ChannelAdvisor to manage the e-commerce experience with Self-Service Marketplaces, First-Party (1P) Solutions and Self-Service Digital Marketing.

Because ChannelAdvisor is a trusted name throughout the industry, YescomUSA had no problems integrating data and processes across marketplaces.

“Marketplaces aren’t concerned about our integration management and efficiency once they realise we’re working with ChannelAdvisor,” said Mella Yang, Sales Director at YescomUSA.

YescomUSA uses Self-Service Marketplaces to meet all of its marketplace needs, even when it requests additional help or needs to fulfil new requirements. Plus, it has more space and flexibility to use its own data structure across multiple channels.

ChannelAdvisor also improves YescomUSA’s efficiency as a team, allowing prompt management of multiple platforms simultaneously. The platform’s customisable logic helps the company flexibly adjust various data synchronisations. Instead of updating and uploading data one by one through each marketplace account’s backend, ChannelAdvisor allows YescomUSA to update in bulk and improve team efficiency. Further, the company can customise the data to meet the requirements of each marketplace without reentering it each time.

The Results

Since partnering with ChannelAdvisor, YescomUSA has grown its e-commerce presence from eBay alone to 16 different channels, including AliExpress, Amazon,, Facebook, Fruugo, Google, Houzz, MassGenie US, MyDeal AU, Newegg, Sears, Shopify, Walmart, Wayfair and Wish. About 60% of the e-retailer’s total sales come from Amazon US. YescomUSA’s channel expansion has also helped the brand grow in other markets, including Europe, Asia Pacific; and North America.

Without ChannelAdvisor, YescomUSA believes it would not have been able to expand as far as it has.

“ChannelAdvisor has allowed us to grow to multiple channels and accounts,” said Yang. “Without them, we would have a much smaller online presence.”


Location:Guangzhou, China & Los Angeles, USA


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