Stand Up RanchersSpurring sales across 12 marketplaces

Company Overview

Stand Up Ranchers was founded in 2008 by a rancher’s wife who wanted to create supplemental income for her family and employment opportunities for those in rural towns. Stand Up Ranchers focuses on high-quality brands and products, including apparel, footwear, home decor and outdoor gear, for ranchers, working men and women, hunters, equestrians, outdoor enthusiasts and rodeo life. With a team of 45 ranchers’ wives, veterans, rural residents and others, Stand Up Ranchers is committed to bringing quality products at reasonable prices to meet the needs of customers everywhere whether they shop online or through their retail store.

The Situation

Stand Up Ranchers began as a small eBay business that sold Western apparel and footwear. As the business grew, they expanded their product offerings – including items from other manufacturers and brands. Stand Up Ranchers recognised the revenue potential of the growing e-commerce industry, and they looked to expand to new marketplaces to increase the visibility of products on other channels.

“The internet is everywhere. Online is where it’s at if you want to be successful in the retail industry,” says Sheri Kimber, account manager, Stand Up Ranchers. “From day one, we kept pushing to get on any and all marketplaces that fit us, which is the majority of them. But we needed a partner with expertise and deep marketplace integrations who could help us get up and running on those new channels seamlessly.”

Along with their marketplace expansion, Stand Up Ranchers required a platform that would help manage those channels with accurate pricing, inventory and product information. “In the early days, everything had to be manually loaded per channel,” adds Kimber. “It was time-consuming and difficult to keep track of inventory, especially with a small team and limited resources.”

The Solution

Stand Up Ranchers turned to ChannelAdvisor for its Marketplaces solution to help manage product data feeds and listings, monitor product quantities, expand products across multiple marketplaces and optimise product content globally. With ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces, Stand Up Ranchers is able to use a single inventory feed to send its products to multiple online channels.

Kimber adds, “We researched several companies but quickly realized that ChannelAdvisor had the most APIs per marketplaces. No other company offered the features and capabilities of ChannelAdvisor, and we knew that was advantageous to our long-term growth.”

Stand Up Ranchers also was drawn to the platform’s ease of use. Kimber notes that for the company’s 45 remote employees, “the learning curve was not hard. It’s self-explanatory, and the dashboard is easy to navigate. You push the information in once, and it goes everywhere you need it go. It’s a piece of cake.”

The Results

After using ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces, Stand Up Ranchers launched on 12 channels, including Walmart, Newegg, Wish, Overstock, Sears, Pricefalls and They were able to diversify their inventory, while also accelerating the process of listing products online. Kimber says, “Because of ChannelAdvisor, we can have one pair of jeans visible on both our site and different marketplaces. We’re maximizing visibility which is great and increases our overall sales.”

“Last year, sales totalled USD 7.5 million with the majority coming from marketplaces,” adds Kimber. “The reality is today’s consumers are shopping on marketplaces. Everyone knows what Amazon is – what eBay is. ChannelAdvisor does a great job integrating with the marketplaces ahead of time. When a new marketplace launches, ChannelAdvisor is integrated, and the feed is ready to go. We just plug in, and away we go.”

ChannelAdvisor also has been a dependable resource for questions or concerns that arise. “The support is great. They follow up and get back to us every time. The fact that we can get ahold of someone is ideal. If they don’t know the answer, they start working on it immediately and will reach out to other departments for assistance,” Kimber says.

After working together for more than 10 years, Kimber encourages other retailers to partner with ChannelAdvisor on their marketplaces strategy. “The efficiency you are going to gain, coupled with the API connections, will help transform your business. You’ll get maximum visibility per SKU, which translates to maximum sales. The bottom line is this: If you aren’t online, you’re behind.”

Stand Up Ranchers

Location:Idaho, United States


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