Powersport SuperstoreSecures 3x More Margin Per Sale with Google Shopping Actions

Company Overview

As a retailer specialising in aftermarket powersports, Powersport Superstore offers motorcycle and ATV enthusiasts pretty much everything they need — from helmets and gloves to car and V-twin engine parts to accessories and apparel. Which is not surprising, considering the high standards the business has set for itself. On the company’s Facebook page, executives offer consumers “the widest variety of high-quality motorsport products at the best prices…with state-of-the art technology to bring you a shopping experience that is unlike any other on the web.” 

That’s not all. Powersport Superstore is outwardly committed to not only maintaining the market’s most comprehensive array of products at competitive prices. The company also guarantees a customer experience that will make consumers “want to come back again and again.” 

Suffice it to say that the growing retailer has a lot of promises to uphold, and a lot of customers to reach. So when it came time to expand Powersport Superstore’s presence, finding the right channel was critical. 

The Situation

Powersport Superstore has a lot to offer. And many consumers have relied on the store to purchase specialty products — often ones they can’t find elsewhere — thanks in large part to a thriving business on Amazon and eBay. The company regularly receives rave reviews on these two marketplaces, including comments such as: 

  • Item was perfect on arrival and fit perfect! A+ 
  • A+ eBay seller, received exactly what was specified 
  • Great people to deal with 
  • Fast shipping! A++ 

With coveted peer recommendations and endorsements like these, it would be easy to assume Powersport Superstore had it made. However, there was just one problem… 

Countless consumers were missing out. Even with such high ratings on Amazon and eBay, executives knew that many more potential buyers were yet to discover Powersport Superstore’s one-of-a-kind offerings. The company needed another way to capture additional audiences. After years of great growth, it was time to drive even more conversions and sales. 

“We wanted to be on a new platform that can increase sales and give us access to new customers,” said President Brian Orrick. 

So Orrick and his team turned to Google Shopping Actions. 

The Solution

It didn’t take long for Powersport Superstore to decide on its next course of action. After years of success with Google Shopping Ads, the time was right to build on the company’s already-strong Google presence. 

“We want to be where the cutting-edge is and that’s Google Shopping Actions,” Orrick explained. “I think Google is the next generation of marketplaces. We want to find ways to reach new customers and let them know about our service.” 

By expanding to Google Shopping Actions, Powersport Superstore’s products would become visible across all of Google, including Google Search, Google Express and the Google Assistant. So Orrick and his team worked with the specialists at ChannelAdvisor to get set up on this powerful platform. Together, they catalogued, formatted and consolidated automotive products to get items listed. 

“Setting up feeds was a straightforward process, and the launch is really not as difficult as it could have been,” Orrick said of the process. “A lot of it had to do with our ChannelAdvisor implementation specialist…they were able to get it going pretty quickly.” 

Within no time at all, Powersport Superstore had more than a quarter of a million SKUs ready to be discovered and purchased across all of Google. 

The Results

After comparing before-and-after sales performance, it was clear that Powersport Superstore had made the right decision. 

“Google Shopping Actions has single-handedly increased our year-over-year revenue by an additional 7-9%,” Orrick reported. “Google Shopping Actions is unlocking new ways for us to reach more customers and increase sales. My expectations going forward are very optimistic on what we can accomplish on ChannelAdvisor.” 

Compared to other leading marketplaces, Google Shopping Actions is securing three times more margin per sale. 

“ChannelAdvisor made my life so much better and enabled me to do so many other things I couldn’t do,” Orrick added. 

Next up: Powersport Superstore has plans to list even more products on Google Shopping Actions, with a goal of doubling the current number of SKUs. Orrick has big plans for marketing and fulfilling, too: 

“We’re going to keep pushing until it’s as good as it can possibly get.” 

Powersport Superstore

Location:Cedar Park, TX, United States

Web: https://www.powersportsuperstore.com

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