Discount Scrubs & FashionRepricing Switch from Feedvisor to ChannelAdvisor Leads to a 35% Increase in GMV Month over Month

Company Overview

In 2008, Discount Scrubs & Fashion started selling medical apparel. With roots in brick-and-mortar stores, the company saw steady growth that led it to add on many different product lines, from food products to sporting goods. Discount Scrubs & Fashion then branched into online sales, offering competitive prices paired with top quality service.

The Situation

As an online retailer, Discount Scrubs & Fashion knows the importance of repricing — the action of changing an item’s price to stay competitive. For over a year, the company used Feedvisor’s Amazon Algorithmic Repricer; however, according to Tim Poplin, product manager at Discount Scrubs & Fashion, “the cost and the added work didn’t make sense.”

“We use ChannelAdvisor to sell on Marketplaces, but then were using Feedvisor to reprice. I would have to have three windows open to compare data, then switch between platforms,” noted Poplin. “The Feedvisor platform was clunky to use, [it was] difficult to make changes and its performance was slow.”

The Solution

Enter ChannelAdvisor’s Algorithmic Repricer for Amazon. As a ChannelAdvisor client, Poplin could utilize the Repricer without opening additional programs, streamlining his workflow. “Some of the biggest benefits of using ChannelAdvisor’s Repricer was that I didn’t have to switch between platforms, and all the products were already synced,” said Poplin.

Poplin uses ChannelAdvisor’s Competition Watch to see how the business is performing. He noticed that they were able to win the Buy Box against similar competitors while selling at a higher price. “The Competition Watch is very helpful to show me what’s going on — where we’re at, at that time,” he stated.

Not only did the switch save time, but it was also cost effective. “Feedvisor’s variable and annual fees didn’t make a lot of business sense for us. We were paying for items that weren’t winning the Buy Box. So we decided to give the ChannelAdvisor Repricer a shot,” noted Poplin.

The Results

“We were paying a lot of money for Feedvisor’s Repricer, so we turned off their Repricer, turned on ChannelAdvisor’s Repricer, and did an ‘apples to apples’ comparison. Comparing the 31 days prior to switching to ChannelAdvisor with the 31 days after switching, we looked at the performance of our core products and saw a 35% increase in GMV and a 28% jump in profit,” said Poplin.

Discount Scrubs & Fashion

Location:Margate, FL, United States


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