Where to Buy Online connects well-informed, ready-to-buy shoppers directly to your product pages on retailer websites.

The Benefits

showing customers where to buy products on a product page
  • Ease the path to purchase and increase conversions — from your website or digital campaigns
  • Improve consumer satisfaction with your brand by removing out-of-stock dead ends
  • Strengthen relationships by providing highly qualified leads
  • Diversify your sales channels by promoting all your retail partners
  • Gain actionable insights into consumer behavior, including preferred products, preferred retailers and sales data

How It Works

laptop with buy now text highlighted
  • Easily integrate ChannelAdvisor’s Where to Buy Online solution into your website or digital campaigns via a custom-built widget or API. Define your top online retailers and the order you prefer them to appearWithin the experience, consumers see your preferred retail partners with in-stock products as well as prices (optional)
  • Consumers are connected seamlessly from your product-specific content to the corresponding product pages on your preferred retailers’ websites; alternatively, you can drive consumers directly to a shopping cart at supported retailers
  • Once you activate Where to Buy Online, you’ll be able to assess product and retailer popularity via impressions and click data by product, category, retailer and geography. You’ll also understand sales performance and cart-level details at select retailers, determine the percentage of your catalog carried by online retail partners and even compare product pricing trends across various retailers