ChannelAdvisor gives you more control to create, monitor and manage all of your campaigns from within one central interface. And when you’re ready to gain maximum visibility on the world’s leading marketplaces, you can entrust both strategy and execution to the industry’s most knowledgeable digital marketing experts.

The Benefits

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  • Get results. ChannelAdvisor sellers who advertised on Amazon grew 63% faster over a seven-month period than those who did not advertise*
  • Build a unified strategy across your marketplaces and advertising efforts in a single, centralized platform
  • Leverage our industry expertise to gain strategic and technical guidance
  • Drive ad spend effectiveness by streamlining campaign setup, management and tracking
  • Reach more destinations faster and accommodate cross-channel opportunities with ease
  • Increase productivity and reduce workload by automating time-consuming tasks

*According to ChannelAdvisor internal data

Amazon Advertising

ChannelAdvisor helps marketers:

  • Save time by setting filters to automatically add products to your campaigns or pause products that no longer fit your specifications
  • Improve profitability by creating rules that will automatically adjust bids for targets based on profitability and traffic goals
  • Automate tedious processes by identifying long-tail, high-performing queries and promoting them to biddable keywords for your manual campaigns
  • Spend smarter by automatically activating campaigns during hours or days when buyers convert and pausing when they don’t

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eBay Advertising

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ChannelAdvisor allows eBay sellers to:

  • Take a centralized approach by managing listings & advertising in a single interface
  • Reduce wasted spend by automatically discovering best performing Product Listings rate
  • Save time by automatically adding and removing items from campaigns when they meet thresholds that you set
  • Increase efficiency by managing multiple locales in the same platform