The changing consumer: How Amazon will change everything and how to adapt for success

Simon Clarkson, Managing Director, ChannelAdvisor Australia

Global learnings tell us that Amazon has the ability to completely revolutionise the consumer experience and shift the retail landscape. Amazon’s arrival presents a unique opportunity for the e-commerce industry. For merchants to truly get the most of what’s on offer it’s important to be able to pre-empt what your consumer wants and how Amazon thinks. Join Simon Clarkson, ChannelAdvisor’s Managing Director, Australia, for this exclusive session to learn how Amazon is changing the retail experience and how to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

During this session you will learn:

– Getting Started: Strategy and tactics to implement

– Dominate Your Category: Understand the data and performance requirements to succeed and learn what you need to do ensure your brand has the best opportunity to win the Buy Box.

– The Changing Consumer: How Amazon impacts the way people buy and why you need to change your strategy.