Success on marketplaces: How marketplaces have changed the face of retail and how to leverage this opportunity

Simon Clarkson, Managing Director, ChannelAdvisor Australia

With the launch of Catch, the evolution of eBay and of course, Amazon’s arrival to Australia in December 2017, marketplaces are making their mark and shift the e-commerce goal posts. The reality is, whatever your marketplace involvement, e-commerce as we know it (in fact retail as we know it) and consumer buying behaviour have changed and will only continue to do so. Expectations around the shopping experience, customer service, speed, delivery and returns are evolving.

Join Simon Clarkson, ChannelAdvisor’s Managing Director, ChannelAdvisor Australia, for this exclusive webinar to learn about how the e-commerce landscape has changed, how your consumer has adapted and how to thrive in this new retail environment.

What you will learn:

  • Marketplace overview: eBay, Catch, Amazon and more. What’s what, what’s new and what’s next?
  • Prime and FBA: What this means for consumers and retailers
  • eBay Plus
  • What we can learn from the overseas marketplace experience
  • Changing technologies and the changing consumer: how marketplaces have changed the way your consumer shops
  • Practical tips to ensure your e-commerce strategy can leverage marketplace growth