Setting yourself up for success in 2022: How Catch and ChannelAdvisor can help you achieve this year’s goals

Damien Mersini, Partnerships Program Lead at
Simon Kelly, Solutions Manager at ChannelAdvisor

With 20,000 parcels sent out every day and an order placed every two seconds, Catch has become one of Australia’s top destinations for online shopping. And with consumers increasingly turning to online shopping, maximising your potential on Catch can reap increasingly significant rewards for your business.

Join Damien Mersini, Partnerships Program Lead at, and Simon Kelly, Solutions Manager at ChannelAdvisor, to find out more about making the most out of Catch in 2022. In this session, you will learn about:

  • Taking advantage of Catch’s new initiatives and marketing support
  • Collaborating with Catch and ChannelAdvisor
  • How international sellers can tap into the Australian market

Whether you are an existing, aspiring, local or international Catch seller, don’t miss the chance to hear live from experts, ask questions and learn about how to set yourself up for success this year with the help of Catch and ChannelAdvisor.