Retail Media Strategies for the Data-Driven Seller

Things are getting a little crowded in the e-commerce landscape, and it doesn’t seem to be letting up soon. Consumers have endless choices when it comes to how, where and when they shop. Instead of choosing one path, they’re choosing nonlinear journeys across multiple channels and touchpoints to arrive at the products they seek.

In fact, 82% of consumers now visit more than two websites on their buying journey before making a purchase. Even 76% of global consumers who shop marketplaces check multiple platforms for browsing, shopping or buying. For brands and retailers, keeping tabs on this journey is harder than ever. If consumers are constantly jetting from one website, search engine or marketplace to another, how can you possibly catch their attention — especially when you’re surrounded by mounting competition?

The answer is through retail media, the rising star among advertising channels. Retail media provides a more targeted and effective way to reach consumers where they already shop. And we’ve only seen the beginning of its impact.

In this eBook, we explore the retail media opportunity for e-commerce sellers, including:

  • How and why retail media is taking the industry by storm
  • What elements are critical for retail media success
  • How to increase your retail media efficiency and return on ad spend (ROAS)