Optimising for Catch and leveraging your marketplace strategy

With millions of customers and parcels shipped in the last 12 months, Catch has well and truly made its mark. The current climate has meant consumers are turning to marketplaces now more than ever before and as an industry we’ve seen why a multichannel approach is the key to e-commerce success. Whether you’re new to Catch or already listing on the marketplace, do you know what it takes to stand out?

Join Simon Kelly, ChannelAdvisor’s Solutions and Partnerships Manager & Nicolette Shepherdson, Business Development Manager at Catch Marketplace, as they discuss how to drive sales and optimise for success. In this session, find out:

  • How to automate listings and other strategies to streamline processes
  • How to gain more visibility and scale your business
  • Tips for optimising for conversions
  • Content curation best practice and how to stand out

This session will give your practical insights so you can boost your marketplace strategy and optimise Catch for overall growth.