The Next Wave of E-Commerce: How Marketplaces are Changing the E-Commerce Landscape

Simon Clarkson, Managing Director, ChannelAdvisor APAC

2017 was the year of Amazonā€™s arrival, the rise of eBay and the launch of Catch Marketplace. These changes will heavily impact user experience and convenience in 2018. It will be a seismic shift of epic proportions. Are you ready for it?

We have already seen the impact on customer behaviour with the proliferation of smartphone usage, social media and apps. Marketplaces are set to completely transform the Australian consumer, their expectations and how they interact with your brand.

Join Simon Clarkson, ChannelAdvisorā€™s Managing Director, Australia, for this exclusive webinarĀ to learn the true impact of marketplaces and the reality of what is about to happen in Australia.

During this session you will learn:

  • The role of marketplaces and how you can position yourself
  • Ā Global learnings: the impact of marketplaces and the new wave of e-commerce
  • Ā The Prime affect: How consumer behaviour will change and how you need to respond
  • Ā Future proofing your business: create a defensible position (or else!)