Maximising Marketplace Performance: How to Succeed Everywhere from Amazon to Walmart

Marketplaces are a big business: in December 2019, 214.8 million global shoppers visited Amazon’s web sites, according to data from Statista, while Alibaba reported 711 million active users during that same month. With such huge audiences at stake, retailers can’t afford to idly sit on the sidelines.

However, succeeding on a marketplace is very different than succeeding on a direct-to-commerce web site, and not all retailers are suited to operating in this environment. Vertically integrated merchants in particular can thrive, but they must be wary of the potential challenges as well.

This Retail TouchPoints Special Report explores the key elements for success in marketplace retailing, including:

  • Meeting the unique challenges of selling during COVID-19;
  • Learning how to navigate and succeed in different kinds of marketplaces;
  • Understanding the risks of unauthorized sellers; and
  • Staying up-to-date with technological and operational advances.

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