Improving Performance in Retail Channels: 4 Pillars of Retail Channel Performance

When you’re not interacting directly with consumers, it can be tempting to feel e-commerce performance is beyond your realm of control. But the best brands out there understand a basic truth: your retailers’ performance is your performance

When your retailers’ sales are strong, you’ll see gains. When their revenue suffers, so does yours. Successful brands understand how important it is to help retailers perform and are proactive about taking steps to optimise these channels. They monitor pricing changes, stay ahead of stock levels and watch for opportunities to assist with promotions. By focusing on retailer performance, brands can maximise outcomes and strengthen online distribution. All that’s needed is the right approach — and the right analytics.

In this eBook, we provide four ways to improve performance in retail channels, including:

  • Assortment and availability
  • Pricing and promotions
  • Search and digital shelf
  • And more!

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