How To Diversify Your Discounting Strategy

Original Air Date: 11 November 2020

This year the e-commerce industry has accelerated forward like never before, and with these brands have a great opportunity to make their mark, especially on marketplaces.
Consumers often turn directly to marketplaces to start their shopping experience, especially when it comes to aspects such as delivery, easy checkout and most importantly price. Brands can take advantage of this by diversifying their strategy and considering off-price marketplaces to help shift their ageing or excess stock.

Watch our webinar, where Stuart McClure, Founder and CMO at Love The Sales, will provide you with key considerations and actionable insights to help you develop your brand’s discounting strategy, including:

  • The evolution of discount: a look at where and why discounting started, how it evolved and the solutions that embedded themselves.
  • The discount dichotomy: why you need to discount, but don’t want to, and how it affects your business.
  • Nirvana (or as close as you’ll get): a look at aspects of what the best considerations would be for a brand to solve the issues faced by discounting.

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