Four Key Components for Being Successful on Amazon

Amazon’s Australian e-commerce sales more than doubled in 2019 and are forecast to reach $23 billion in 10 years. With its continuous growth in Australia and around the world, are you leveraging Amazon for success? ChannelAdvisor will speak about the four mechanisms we see in the top sellers on Amazon as well as the common challenges and how to overcome them.

Join Adam Saunders, Sales Manager at ChannelAdvisor Australia, as he discusses how to create a competitive advantage. In this session, find out about:

  • The art of listing and how to optimise sales
  • How to advertise effectively
  • Making the most of FBA
  • Customer service – Creating brand advocates and keeping your customers coming back for more

Whether you’re yet to list on Amazon or you’ve been an active seller for years, this session is vital for ensuring you know what’s required to get on top and stay on top in the current competitive landscape.