[Forrester Report] Make Your B2B Business a Digital Business

New forms of digital customer engagement are transforming B2B businesses, forcing them to fundamentally rethink how they go to market — from the customers they target to the channels they sell-through.

The B2B e-commerce playbook examines today’s broader B2B e-commerce landscape and outlines how organizations can use digital models and methods to optimise their B2B e-commerce teams and processes for success.

Key takeaways
  • Prepare for digital-first buyers: A decade ago, the majority of B2B buyers were happy to research and buy via paper catalogues, fax machines, and landline phones. Today, they increasingly prefer self-service options, research and compare online before buying and explore new digital options like marketplaces.
  • Look to B2C for ideas and expectations: B2B customers are also B2C consumers. If they have a B2B website open in one window, they’ll often have their favourite consumer website open in another. To compete in this environment, organisations must borrow best practices from the world of B2C, including employee enablement and omnichannel commerce.
  • Invest in talent before technology: In a highly competitive market for digital talent, B2B leaders are taking unconventional approaches to finding the right people and organising them for agility. They’re also investing in platforms and processes that are flexible and easy to expand.

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