[Forrester Report] How Brand Manufacturers Can Manage Messy Online Marketplaces

Online marketplaces drive both revenue and risk for brand manufacturers; and many brands are investing in marketplaces to capture some of their fast growth.

Forrester estimates that two-thirds of 2020’s global B2C e-commerce sales happened on marketplaces. While the growth potential abounds, brands need to be wary of the many risks associated with these marketplaces, including counterfeits, gray markets, plus having no direct connection with consumers.

Read Forrester’s recent report for key strategies into how brands can take control of their identities on online marketplace, including:

  • Taking a nuanced approach to selling on marketplaces.
  • Investing more in DTC selling.
  • Reducing grey market and counterfeit risks through e-control.
  • Engaging government relations programs to fight for reform.
  • And more!

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