ChannelAdvisor Brand Analytics Capability Overview

As a brand selling online through a network of retailers, it’s easy to feel that performance is beyond the realm of your control. But there’s a lot that brands can do to maximise the outcomes of these channels in terms of sales, margins, and brand perception.

At ChannelAdvisor, we believe that successful brands are the ones who proactively seek to optimise the performance of their indirect online channels.
But with extensive distribution networks, brands need to focus on the areas that matter. We call these the Four Pillars of E-Commerce Performance:

  • Assortment and stocks
  • Prices and promotions
  • Search and digital shelf
  • Content and reviews

ChannelAdvisor Brand Analytics: Aligning Organisations for Performance

Brand Analytics brings together years of online retail expertise and a suite of tools for all levels of the organisation to stay laser-focused on the data points that matter.

  • The Executive Scorecard lets top management visualise how local teams execute against each pillar in their respective regions and devise an informed strategy. It is highly customisable.
  • The Online Dashboard allows local teams and account managers to access the granular data and visualisations they need to manage the day-to-day of their retailer relationships.
  • Exports and Extracts can be downloaded and shared across the organisation to track period-over-period performance and benchmark retailers and product lines.
  • Email Notifications are directly tied to our high-frequency monitoring capabilities to alert teams and account managers of revenue-impacting events that ought to be addressed immediately.

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