All that glitters: Bevilles and the New Multichannel Landscape

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The last few years have been some of the most exciting and equally nerve-racking times in e-commerce. We’ve seen some of the biggest international multichannel retailers go under. We’ve also seen unparalleled growth in the sector and some of the most inspirational success stories from retailers both large and small. So in an era when the consumer purchase journey has completely changed and the expectations of what’s possible in e-commerce are being challenged from all sides, how can retailers not only adapt, but strategise for success?

Join Alana Fennessy, Head of Client Engagement at ChannelAdvisor APAC, in partnership with Power Retail, to hear directly from Bevilles’ Digital Marketing Manager, Rachael Eade, about how this multichannel retailer is making strides in an evolving landscape.

In this session you will learn:

  • How Bevilles integrates digital marketing and marketplaces into their overall strategy for growth
  • What does the new purchase journey look like and what do you need to do to capture your consumer?
  • Where are we headed? What’s the next big disruptor for online retail and how can you leverage this?
  • How Bevilles stays agile and the online/off-line connection

Hear directly from Rachael about how Bevilles is navigating this new era of e-commerce.