A Guide to E-Commerce for Brands

Brands have more competition for consumer attention than ever before. And as consumer behaviour continues to evolve and the e-commerce landscape changes, more brands are shifting their efforts online, trying to optimise their digital presence and adapting to a changing retail world.

The COVID-19 pandemic has served as an accelerant for many of the consumer trends that have been in motion for many years. Now, more brands are fast-tracking their plans to meet consumers in the digital arena.

But not all brands are created equal. And there are countless options for online distribution. Depending on your business model, vertical and brand objectives, your digital priorities — and timeline — may differ.

In this eBook, we’ll introduce many of the challenges brands face today as they seek to improve their customers’ experience, diversify their channel partners and improve their online brand presence.

We’ll take a look at why and how brands are prioritising their digital transformation, including:

  • Current Trends Impacting Brands Online
  • How Brands Are Using Retail Channels to Succeed
  • Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Sales