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This June, ChannelAdvisor is bringing together the industry’s most knowledgeable e-commerce experts for a virtual event exclusively for fashion brands and retailers. Come learn the latest trends and best practices on everything from protecting your brand to getting your pricing right.

In this free virtual event, you’ll hear from the e-commerce experts at:

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On best practices and proven strategies for: Sustainable fashion, Full price vs off-price strategies, Optimising product data, and more


ChannelAdvisor Keynote: Online Fashion Industry Updates

Learn about the latest opportunities in online fashion, straight from ChannelAdvisor’s in-house fashion specialist. In this session, you’ll hear about new trends and developments — and learn strategies you can use to make the most of every e-commerce opportunity. Find out how expanding to new or niche marketplaces can help boost sales even in challenging times, and see how ChannelAdvisor’s hundreds of direct integrations can give you a big competitive advantage. We'll look at the post-pandemic state of fashion and will cover marketplace expansion and digital marketing opportunities for fashion brands and retailers.

E-commerce trends in New Zealand and the opportunities of selling on and is a lifestyle focused online shopping experience featuring a curated range of new goods from the most desirable international, local and niche brands. Beyond shopping, TheMarket enables discovery with content to inspire, guide and entertain shoppers. will cover e-commerce trends in New Zealand and the opportunities to get more out of selling on, including leveraging the same integration to connect to (New Zealand's largest daily deals website).

China Global Fashion: Secrets to Selling to the World's Biggest E-Communications Market

The market for fashion in China is enormous. But the evolution of fashion trends, including how a specific item or brand becomes hot and how social media plays a pivotal role in consumer choices, is not fully similar to other markets. Even the aesthetics of product display require a knowledgeable approach. Learn how to navigate the vertical within this market to capture larger audiences and harness extraordinary opportunity.

The Rapid Rise of E-Commerce in Korean Fashion: What It Means for Sellers

The fashion industry in Korea has undergone a phenomenal digital transformation in recent years. E-commerce activity was already increasing when it experienced significant acceleration in 2020, and the industry at large has now entered a new phase of e-commerce that involves fierce competition. This rapid growth has resulted in tangible benefits for brands and retailers willing to move quickly, adapt and innovate.

Find new Customers with a winning Social Commerce Strategy on Instagram

Facebook and Instagram make it increasingly easy for people to shop right in the moment of discovery. But are you taking advantage of every opportunity on these platforms? In this session, you’ll hear how fashion brands have figured out the secrets to creating a truly seamless buyer’s journey. You’ll also gain insider knowledge based on the social commerce strategies used by ChannelAdvisor’s most successful sellers. Learn how to keep consumers on the path to purchase with shoppable media, get best practices for turning likes and follows into actual revenue and more.

Expanding into Europe: Expert Advice for Fashion Brands and Retailers

A recent survey ChannelAdvisor conducted found 60% of consumers describe themselves as shopping online more frequently, a 14% increase since May. This trend from 2020 seems to be continuing in 2021 and possibly even increasing.
For online shopping, Zalando is the top fashion marketplace by GMV share in Europe and second globally. Exceeding 420 million visits per month, with more than 80% of its traffic on mobile Zalando has successfully digitalized the fashion industry.
Join this session to hear about Zalando, its e-commerce strategy and opportunities that its partner program provides, including criteria for interested sellers to get on board.

Insights From a Fast-Growing Fashion Brand: Fireside Chat with Geox

It’s been a challenging 18 months for everyone. But at Geox, e-commerce specialists have uncovered some tremendous online opportunities. The footwear and clothing brand is seeing a surge in sales after listing products on La Redoute — and has plans to expand to dozens of other channels, too. In this fireside chat, E-commerce Manager Francesco Turconi will discuss the insights and strategies his team is using to stay ahead of changing trends. Come hear what he has to say about the latest online consumer behaviours, the importance of marketplaces, and more.

Fashion Marketplaces: How to Leverage Digital Department Stores and Outlets to Connect with New Customers

How can you leverage fashion marketplaces to increase your competitive advantage? What can your brand do to stand out in the era of sustainable fashion? How do you combine full-price and off-price strategies to solve your inventory challenge? Get answers to these questions and others in this exclusive virtual session with La Redoute and Secret Sales. You’ll hear about the latest industry trends and developments, along with proven strategies for success on fashion marketplaces.

The Benefits of Selling on Walmart

With up to 100 million unique monthly visitors and a carefully curated community of respected sellers, Walmart is changing the way the world shops. This fast-growing marketplace is becoming a preferred destination for consumers who want top-quality, authentic products. And it’s an ideal channel for fashion brands. The question is: How can you increase your chances of being accepted into the fold of this invitation-only marketplace? Get insider tips from Walmart’s title, along with insights into what makes this one-of-a-kind online channel an excellent choice for fashion sellers. You’ll learn how it works, what you can expect, how to get started and more.

Driving Online Sales with Google

Join this session to hear from one of Google’s top e-commerce experts the current trends that Google is seeing for Search in the retail landscape, as well as the fashion roadmap for driving online and offline sales with Google. Hear about the latest trends and behaviors in key fashion categories, along with proven strategies for making the most of Google’s entire ecosystem. You’ll learn how to leverage advanced techniques for Google Shopping, Search, Discovery, YouTube and more.

Drive More Revenue with Shop Premium Outlets

Have you been wondering how to optimize your strategies for sale, past-season and excess inventory while also supporting your full price brand? Are you in search of new ways to extend your reach and acquire customers? The e-commerce and retail experts at Shop Premium Outlets can help you answer these questions and others like them. This off price marketplace for premium and luxury brands has been examining the habits of online and in store shoppers for years — and uses that know-how to help generate revenue and customer acquisition for select brands. Hear about the latest insights on where and when people shop, and learn how to get started on Shop Premium Outlets.

Driving Transaction at the Moment of Inspiration: Omnichannel Shoppable Content at Scale with NBC Universal Checkout

For decades consumers and media companies alike have dreamt about the possibilities of shoppable television. Now a moment of technological convergence is upon us making this dream a reality. But the largest screen in the home is no longer the only screen that has viewer's attention. What does the future of shoppable content look like for publishers, retailers, and brands - and how can a platform like NBCUniversal Checkout drive product discovery, revenue, and new customer acquisition at scale through content - wherever that content is being consumed?