Back To School Shopping Has Changed

12 November, 2019

Uncategorized By Helen de Souza

The frantic shopping season when eager students are excited to make a big event out of preparing for the upcoming school year. Remember when students and parents would bond over the annual ritual of picking out the colourful stationery and new school shoes right before the new semester started?

Back To School shopping looks a lot different in today’s retail landscape. Every year we round up the trends of the season and this year we’ve provided seven top tips on preparing your Back To School selling strategy. Here are two of them:

Ready To Spend on Social 

Consumer confidence is rising and the number of students in schools are also increasing year on year. It isn’t just parents of students doing the shopping anymore. Empowered consumers are coming from a greater age range and are able to shop where they want, when they want. In our eBook, we explain that your potential customers are discovering brands and products through social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. As these platforms evolve, so do these customers. Did you know that users can shop directly from some social apps now?

Your Customer is in a Rush

We’ve all seen these time shifts in shopping events. Everything is getting pulled up earlier and earlier in the calendar. The Back To School selling season is not any exception to this trend. It’s recommended to start your planning earlier than you may have in the past. Perhaps it’s worth considering allocating additional budget to extend the campaign lifespan in the months leading up to the January rush. 

We have more where that came from, download ChannelAdvisor’s Retailer’s Guide to Back To School E-Commerce to learn about the latest trends and how to act on the insights for a successful Back To School season. 


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