Forrester Reports Roundup: The Best E-Commerce Insights of 2019

22 September, 2019

Uncategorized By Helen de Souza

If you want to stay ahead of the latest online retail trends, few resources are as reliable as Forrester’s bank of online retail reports.

The market research company has been analysing the industry for more than three decades, and is widely regarded as one of the most influential research and advisory firms in the world. Its analysts have documented massive waves of change within the e-commerce industry since the early days of eBay and Amazon. 

So… what advice does Forrester have for online sellers as we enter the final shopping seasons of 2019?

Two reports in particular stood out to us this year. If you haven’t checked them out yet, we highly recommend giving these resources a read.

Top Retail Technology Investments in 2019

Would you like to know what the hottest trends in retail technology are today? Maybe see how your own platforms and apps compare to the ones used by your competitors? That’s exactly what this report is for.

For The Top Retail Technology Investments in 2019, Forrester evaluated 18 different types of technologies used by dozens of industry professionals. Researchers wanted to help sellers understand which tools are “hot” among brands and retailers right now, and to what extent various platforms are being leveraged.

This report is a robust one. It covers the full span of advancements and innovations available to brands and retailers today, from artificial intelligence and machine learning to smart speaker apps and dozens of omnichannel options.

If you want to make sure your technology investments are currently up to speed with the latest trends, this is a great piece to read right now.

Access the full report here.

Reaping the Rewards of Omnichannel Commerce

Is omnichannel commerce a priority for your company right now? If not, it should be. According to Forrester, many retailers are beginning to reap big rewards from their omnichannel efforts. 

With customer expectations higher than ever, brands and retailers are investing heavily in new technologies — including consumer-facing apps as well as back-end systems — to create more memorable, meaningful experiences. 

In this report, Retailers Are Starting to Reap the Rewards of Omnichannel Commerce, Forrester takes a look at:

  • Which omnichannel investments retailers are prioritizing
  • What results they’re getting
  • The three capabilities you need for omnichannel success

It’s everything you need to know about the current state of omnichannel commerce, from insights on consumers’ changing shopping behaviors to the steps retail leaders are taking to personalize the customer experience.

Access the full report here.

Looking for more resources to help you stay ahead of the latest online retail trends? We have plenty. Our e-commerce experts regularly scour the latest industry reports and analyses — so you don’t have to. One of the best ways to stay up-to-date on consumer expectations as they evolve is to follow along on the ChannelAdvisor blog. 

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