Year in Review: ChannelAdvisor’s Top 10 Blog Posts from 2018

30 January, 2019

ChannelAdvisor By ChannelAdvisor

We experienced a lot of changes in 2018. Options for digital marketing expanded. New sales channels emerged. Fulfilment got faster.

It was a year of many exciting opportunities — and a time to rethink strategies across marketing, selling and fulfilling.

According to our traffic logs, ChannelAdvisor readers relied on our blog to keep close tabs on Amazon and eBay requirements, stay ahead of the latest consumer behaviours and even explore options for selling overseas.

Now that the new year has arrived, this is a good time to revisit the most popular insights and updates of 2018. Get a refresher with the past year’s top ten ChannelAdvisor blog posts below.

#10 What’s New on Amazon: Multichannel Fulfilment

Over the last year, Amazon has consistently been rolling out new features to improve the marketplace experience for both retailers and consumers alike. One of the latest developments is Multichannel Fulfilment, or MCF.

#9: The Many Touchpoints of a Modern-Day Consumer

Today’s buyers make a multitude of touchpoints along their paths to purchase. How can you possibly keep up with all the changes? To help break things down, we view the path to purchase through the eyes of a modern-day consumer.

#8: 3 Secrets of E-Commerce Sellers That Consumers Should Know About

We get it. Really, we do. Buying online is convenient. It’s cost-efficient. And it opens you up to a whole world of products you may never discover by shopping in stores alone. But with the incredible growth of e-commerce in recent years — global sales topped $2.3 trillion last year — we’re starting to get the sense that you might not know just how many options you have for discovering new products and offers online. And we just can’t bear the thought of you missing out on all that the modern e-commerce landscape has to offer.

#7: How to Succeed on Amazon

We’ve said it once, we’ll say it again, simply listing your products on Amazon is not enough! For brands and retailers that want to succeed, you need to not only keep up-to-date with Amazon’s changing requirements but also be proactive and take steps to ensure you keep ahead of the competition. So, where do you start?

#6: How Successful Sellers Leverage the (New) Path to Purchase

When was the last time you completed an online purchase within seconds?

If you’re like most consumers, it was probably to replace an item you’d just run out of. Or perhaps to buy something suggested by a friend. Chances are good that the transaction did not involve a product you weren’t already familiar with.

#5: Are you Prepared for Amazon Prime Day?

Just one month after launching Prime in Australia, Amazon has announced that its much anticipated Prime Day shopping event will also include Amazon Australia.

#4: From Bookstore to Superstore: Amazon’s Evolution

Now well past its 20th birthday, Amazon is going stronger than ever. Take a look at some of the marketplace’s most memorable moments for first- and third-party sellers.

#3: eBay: What’s New and What’s Next?

It’s been a big year for eBay. Marketplace uptake by consumers is booming and brands and retailers are really upping their eBay offerings in order to keep up. Earlier this year eBay launched Guaranteed Delivery. This program allows eBay’s 168 million active shoppers to filter out search results to show only items that are guaranteed to arrive in three days or less. At a time when shoppers are 45% more likely to purchase if they have confidence the item will arrive within 2-3 days, this is a great opportunity for consumers and retailers alike.

#2: Retargeting in the Age of Multiscreening

It’s official: We’ve definitively entered the multiscreen era of online shopping. To understand what we mean, consider the following:

  • By 2021, the average Australian household will have 30 connected devices
  • 69% of us use a smartphone and watch television simultaneously, using an average of three different screen combinations every day.
  • 63% of us start shopping on one device and continue on another.

#1: Marketplace Madness: What’s your Amazon Game Plan?

When selling online, the Amazon search results page is pretty much the Big Dance. It’s competitive, unpredictable, and it can make or break your year.

But you’ve got your Amazon gameplan, right? Your e-commerce team is a well-oiled machine of marketplace best practices: proper categorisation, SEO-friendly titles, proven keywords, optimised product descriptions and more.

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