Now’s the time! Have you changed to eBay Stores yet?

9 May, 2019

Marketplaces Helen de Souza By Gabrielle Belic

If you are currently using a custom storefront on eBay, now is the time to start changing over. The new layout is far more user-friendly and in line with retail industry standards. It aims to create a better experience for your customers. While eBay has not yet released a date when custom storefronts will no longer be available, it is strongly advised to make the changes as soon as possible. By updating now, you will get ahead of the curve and can start putting all the elements in place to ensure everything is running smoothly.

There is no need to panic, as the changeover isn’t a big undertaking. The changes can be made very quickly within eBay. All you need is a banner and store description, as eBay has already formatted your Store information for you including your listings. You will, however, need to review your listing descriptions to ensure there are no links or references to the custom pages or headers, as these won’t appear in your new Store once you update. Your new Store provides new branding options (including the billboard and longer description text) so you may find that you no longer need custom pages and headers. In time, eBay will provide a replacement for the current custom headers and pages, so you will be able to replace your current customisations with new ones down the track.

You can update instantly, and even add a billboard image later. These images should illustrate your brand or showcase a special promotion or Store event. Include featured items to highlight your most popular products.

What are the benefits of the new storefront?

  • Higher security standards – eBay Stores will be active content free and HTTPS compliant
  • Optimised mobile experience – The updated storefront will be mobile/tablet friendly
  • Enhanced SEO – Mobile/tablet optimisation will improve SEO and increase traffic
  • Showcase more relevant products for buyers – New merchandising placements
  • With bigger photos, your items will look better and show more details, helping buyers get a clearer view of your products when they shop.

Opt-in to the new store with the link here, and as always, please contact us with any eBay queries you have.

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