More Cause for Retailers to Celebrate: Catch Outlets Launches

5 March, 2018

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In the midst of Christmas sales and Amazon’s arrival to Australia, there was an online launch that stayed under the radar. In December 2017, the already successful Catch Marketplace launched Catch Outlets. This is an opportunity for sellers who wish to promote their keystone brands and offer discounts and promotions to buyers who are looking to buy quality products.

It’s an example of the way that Catch Group manages to scale exponentially. The Catch marketplace only launched in June 2017 and now boasts over 1,000 online sellers (with hundreds more in launch) and over 1 million products across 20 core categories. Thousands of the marketplace’s products now qualify for Club Catch, giving sellers access to the marketplace’s most loyal customers.

Now, this latest iteration of the Catch model, Catch Outlets, offers opportunity aplenty for sellers. Any seller on the Catch marketplace can apply to list on Outlets, provided that they sell well-known brands and can provide ample discounts to buyers. There are NO additional fees to list on Outlets, only Marketplace fees apply, and products listed on Outlets come from a seller’s normal data feed. Catch Outlets launched with 50 key partners with many more on the way this year. Outlets now accounts for over 20,000 new branded and heavily discounted quality products across multiple categories including fashion, consumer electronics, home, outdoor and many more.

Outlets drives conversions for brands with free product placement. It is extremely easy to navigate, with the Outlets tabs featured prominently on the Catch homepage. “Catch Outlets is a great opportunity for brands to showcase lines of products where they can offer great value to our millions of customers whilst creating a new channel to sale end of season or overstock products,” says Mark Gray, Head of Marketplace Channels and Partnerships at Catch Group.

The results speak for themselves. In some cases, Catch Outlets has helped brands double their monthly sales volume through marketplace. Sellers can rotate stock through Outlets ongoing to provide fresh products at great value to obtain maximum visibility for a brand’s whole range. “Catch Outlets has become a great new sales channel to help retailers to retain control of their brands outside of the traditional physical duty free store or outlet model,” says Gray.

This is why a multi-marketplace strategy is so vital, ensuring that your products are perfectly positioned for the ultimate visibility, stock rotation, customer loyalty and conversions. If you would like more information about what Catch or Catch Outlets can do for you or how to launch your brand to marketplaces with success, please drop our team a line at Or simply request a demo and one of our e-commerce experts will be in touch.

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