[Infographic] Your Checklist for Amazon Visibility

11 August, 2019

Marketplaces By Helen de Souza

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and search for a few of your products on Amazon. Use broad searches, brand searches, product-specific searches…

Do they show up?

Or are they buried deep in search results behind ads and competitors?

As more brands and retailers allocate bigger budgets to reach the millions of Amazon shoppers, the fight for consumer attention is more competitive than ever.

For years, it was all about the Amazon Buy Box and making sure you had all the traditional marketplace best practices nailed down. Unfortunately, that’s not enough anymore. There are too many sellers looking to lure shoppers before they even see your listing. Visibility on Amazon today comes down to two things: optimized content and advanced advertising.

Want to see how your Amazon visibility strategies measure up? This checklist will give you a quick benchmark to see if you’re on the right path.


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