There’s Still Time to Add Multi Carrier Shipping Before the Holidays

29 November, 2021

Multi-carrier shipping has the power to put products in the hands of consumers faster than ever, but is there still time to add multi-carrier shipping to your e-commerce store before the holiday season? Absolutely!

ShipStation supports carriers like Sendle, Australia Post, and CouriersPlease, UPS, and DHL that are fast to set up and easy to manage via our shipping software. Through our powerful integrations, ShipStation gives you the tools to show live shipping rates at checkout, display flat-rate or free shipping options, show delivery date estimates, and eliminate both overpaying and underpaying for you and your customer.

Ultimately, multi-carrier shipping is about offering choice and convenience to your customers while boosting your brand profile. You want every aspect of your brand to stand out in a positive way, and that includes shipping and delivery.

Customers are Turned Off by Poorly Rated Carriers

Everyones had at least one bad delivery or shipping experience, but unfortunately for your brand, one bad carrier can impact upon your brand’s bottom line.

In a recent ShipStation study, our research shows that 70% of consumers will let a poor delivery or shipping experience negatively impact their impression of the retailer rather than the carrier.

In practice, this means that customers abandon their cart if your shipping carrier let them down in the past. However, one person’s worst shipping carrier might be the next person’s best. The easiest way to get around this seemingly impossible situation is to offer more than one carrier, so customers can choose the carrier and shipping options that suit them best.

It’s not just about convenience. You need to safeguard every aspect of your shipping and delivery experience because it’s an extension of your branding. Despite the fact that your brand and your shipping carrier are different things, customers view your brand and their shipping and delivery experience as one and the same. If your shipping options let them down, you’ll be left with problems to solve, poor reviews, and a damaged brand image. Thankfully, ShipStation gives you the tools to connect your store with the world’s best carriers and keep your brand image in check.

Find a Work Around to Supply Chain Woes

Supply chain breakdowns are a hot topic of late, with parcel delays and warehouse backlogs being reported all over the world. The flow-on effect to e-commerce customers has been significant: a recent survey by Oracle found that more than a third of online shoppers are worried they won’t get everything on their wish lists this festive season.

This in turn has major implications for retailers, who will have to assuage purchase check-out doubt, and try to reassure customers that their parcel will come on time, to stave off cart abandonment. The trouble is, we never know exactly which shipping carrier is going to come out on top during a crisis, and it’s often those smaller and more local carriers that pull off innovative solutions when broader supply chains are under stress.

For this reason, you’re going to want to offer shipping carrier flexibility, so your customers can pick and choose the best carrier for the season, according to performance.

Multi-Carrier Shipping is Easy

Despite what you might be thinking, multi-carrier shipping is easy. Thanks to shipping software automation like ShipStation, you can add new carriers with the tick of a box, and effortlessly oversee all of your shipments and deliveries in one place.

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