[Infographic] Find Your eBay Fit: Why Selling on eBay Should Be Your Next Move

2 February, 2018

So you’re ready to expand your business to more than just one marketplace. Or maybe you’re taking the “big step” — the step that takes your products from a single site to one of many marketplaces that reach millions of shoppers around the world.

Regardless of where you are on your e-commerce journey, deciding which marketplace is going to be the ideal next move is no small decision. Surely, you’ve considered (or are already on) popular marketplaces like Amazon or Facebook, but how much thought have you given to eBay?

Since its beginnings as an auction site, eBay has grown by major leaps and bounds, and today lays claim to some serious bragging rights (like a GMV of $84 billion). Like we mentioned before, selling on a new marketplace is a big decision, so we wanted to make sure you had all the facts you need before taking the (carefully planned out) leap.

Check out the infographic below about why selling on eBay might be one of the best decisions you make in 2018 (click to enlarge)!

Think you’re ready to get started selling on one of the world’s largest online marketplaces? Apply today to start the new year in full force! Still have eBay questions? Send us a quick message and one of our e-commerce consultants will be in touch to help you out.

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