Capitalising on Mother’s Day 2018

16 April, 2018

Retailer’s are preparing for a boost in consumer spend in the next month with Mother’s Day fast approaching. This year Mother’s Day, the second Sunday in May, falls on May 13. It might not be at Christmas or Boxing Day levels, but Mother’s Day is one of the big trading events of the year, with Australians spending close to $2 billion dollars on this special occasion in 2016.

Mother’s Day is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate mums in a meaningful way, often including grandmothers, step-mothers and even aunties or other mother-figures in the gift-giving process. Specific retail categories often receive a large boost in sales leading up to the Mother’s Day weekend, including flowers, jewellery, chocolates, perfume and spa treatments. But Australian gift-givers are also keen to ensure their mums receive a unique gift, with experiences proving popular as well as personalised gifts. So, how can you ensure your Mother’s Day strategy is ready?


We can’t be the only ones who feel like the year is speeding ahead at breakneck speed. It’s time to tell your customer that Mother’s Day is around the corner! Get them thinking about their mums and brainstorming gift ideas, and of course, keep your brand front of mind. Whether that’s through social, eDM or advertising, a public service announcement with curated gift ideas is a must. And remember that consumers are visual. Do you have great product photography for emails or a beautiful flatlay of options for Instagram?

Last Minute Rush

Look, it’s inevitable that you’ll experience an influx at the last minute (sorry mum!). Ensure your stock levels are adequate for the demand you may experience. Communication is key here. How many days will it take for your item to arrive? If you can offer overnight or 1-2 day shipping on certain products, ensure you make this clear. While many shoppers will be looking for the perfect gift, most will be looking for the perfect gift that can arrive in time! Do not overpromise and underdeliver. If you are unable to deliver before Mother’s Day, you need to make this clear or risk a backlash from unhappy customers (and their mothers!)


Do you have a marketplace presence? We know that many consumers use marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay as a first port of call for searching. Think about what terms your customer might use when researching gift ideas and make sure you’re optimised accordingly! Customers will be heading to marketplaces to find inspiration as well as the best deals.

Have a look at this tip sheet about visibility on Amazon and organic search for more ideas on marketplace success.

Think Search

Once consumers have completed some research (think “mother’s day presents” or “gift ideas for mum”), search queries get quite specific. Don’t forget the long tail. Ensure you’re bidding on specific terms that describe your product in detail. The good news is that long tail keywords cost less than general in-demand terms.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Give your products an edge with a Mother’s Day promotion to increase conversions. If you’re already using ChannelAdvisor Digital Marketing, you’ll be able to add these promos straight from the software. Perhaps your promo isn’t just a percentage or dollar amount off. Maybe free shipping would be more likely to appeal to your consumer? Look at the data from last year where possible to see what your consumer wants!

To stay on top of the events that need to be a part of your 2018 retail strategy, download our Essential E-Commerce Calendar here.

For more information on how ChannelAdvisor can assist with your digital marketing or marketplace strategies in the lead up to Mother’s Day, contact us today.  

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