Is Trade Me for You?

26 March, 2018

If you’ve been considering cross-border trade, have you considered dipping your toe in the New Zealand waters first? Trade Me is the perfect platform for those looking to expand their global reach. Whether you’re new to marketplaces or an experienced marketplace seller; already a global brand or yet to launch a cross border strategy, Trade Me is rife with opportunities galore for Australian brands and retailers.

The Stats

Established in 1999, Trade Me is now a transactional marketplace with over 4.2 million registered members. It has 848,000 daily visitors and an item is sold every 2.5 seconds! In terms of most popular e-commerce website by purchase, Trade Me is number one! It has twice the penetration of international marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon. Overall, it is one of the most influential brands in NZ and the country’s largest shopping site. Trade Me reports that on average, 19.7 purchases are made by its members per year.

Going Global

New Zealand has been consistently voted the easiest country to do business in the world. In terms of cross-border trade, this makes New Zealand the logical first step (or, next step, depending on your retail expansion to date). Fulfilment to New Zealand is a straightforward process (in fact shipping to New Zealand is faster than shipping to Perth!) and the language and translation issues encountered with other CBT are avoided completely. 38% of online purchases in New Zealand originate from international markets. Your New Zealand customers are searching for you online…be where they’re looking!


Launching on Trade Me is a straightforward process that can take between three to four weeks. When you are ready to begin your supported integration and build, ChannelAdvisor can be a key partner in this process and help you launch with support. Through this integration, ChannelAdvisor customers can easily leverage custom reporting features as well as submit product data feed to the marketplace (in Australian dollars). There is also a central management of orders and returns.

For more information about how to launch to Trade Me and what you need to know to take the next steps, download our Tip Sheet here.

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