E-Commerce Dates to Know for July – December 2021

13 July, 2021

Hoping to catch an online industry event sometime this year? Trying to select what annual holidays and organised sales events to prioritise for marketing in your top sales locations? Or are you looking for the ideal window to begin preparing for the busy end-of-year season? Identifying timely marketing opportunities isn’t always easy. But we’re here to help. 

In the biannual release of our e-commerce calendar, we’re bringing you ideas and recommendations to consider while you’re managing your daily operations. Our July-December calendar is loaded with diverse strategies, dates to remember and simple fun. (Can you name the date for World Chocolate Day? You will after looking at our calendar!) 

Let’s be honest — we’re all searching for ways to do more in less time. At ChannelAdvisor, we use our calendar as an opportunity to share tips on what we’ve found boosts productivity, tactics to optimise campaigns and strategies to engage with your customers. From SEO to product content and more, we’ve included short reminders and links to more detailed articles for those moments when you want to take a deeper look.

And although the end of Q4 is significant for everyone, it’s often the earlier sales phenomena and holidays that can contain significant opportunities. And targeting big events in the markets you sell into is huge for visibility and profit. Selling into China? Singles Day is a critical date for your business. Do you have operations in Japan? Plan ahead for Oseibo. Sell on FlipKart? Know when to launch promotions for Big Billion Day in India. Our calendar will keep you informed about important regional holidays and marketplace events in Australia, Asia and even in the US, so no matter where you sell, you’ll be able to plan ahead and take appropriate actions. 

And lastly, a daily calendar filled with only dates and instructional tips would be dull without inspiring stories of success. We all need a little motivation to help us through a strenuous time on occasion. Included in this calendar instalment are some of our favourite accounts of our clients’ incredible success. We deeply admire many of the achievements we’ve witnessed among our clients and enjoy celebrating and sharing them. 

So before you move ahead with your busy day, take a quick moment to download our free calendar now. You’ll stay informed — and entertained — through the rest of the year.  

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