10 Top Tips for Click Frenzy 2018

2 October, 2018

We know that sales events are a key driver of e-commerce and can play a huge role in digital strategy success. Sales events have become part of the Australian shopping landscape and according to AU Post, grow exponentially every year. Many shoppers actually choose to wait for a bargain and plan their shopping around events such as Click Frenzy. Click Frenzy works with participating retailers to bring deals and exclusive offers from throughout the retail industry and centralises them into the one online shopping platform. Shoppers can browse through thousands of deals, shortlist their favourites and once they’re ready to make a purchase they will be linked through to the relevant retailer to complete their purchases.

This year, Click Frenzy will take place on Tuesday 13 November 2018 for 24 hours starting at 7PM AEDT. If you’re already set to take part, or you’re thinking about signing up, here are some top tips straight from the Click Frenzy team to ensure you can leverage the event for maximum impact.

  1. Make your deals exclusive

For the best exposure, make your deals exclusive to Click Frenzy. The most buzz and media interest is generated when Click Frenzy can expose deals that aren’t available anywhere else.

  1. Debug your hosting set up

Don’t miss out on potential sales due to your website underperforming.

  1. Build anticipation

Be involved with the pre-event marketing and let your customers know about your involvement. This gets people excited about your deals.

  1. Direct link to deals

Don’t make customers have to hunt for the deal they clicked on. Minimise the number of clicks it takes for customers to place their items into their shopping carts.

  1. Mobilise

According to Click Frenzy, 55% of traffic across the events comes via smartphones. Ensure your site is optimised for mobile.

  1. Take advantage of FOMO

The fear of missing out is a key driver of the sustained success of Click Frenzy. Build suspense by including the iconic ticking countdown clock on your own website.

  1. Customer Service is Key

Events like Click Frenzy drive a broad range of consumers to your site that may never have discovered you otherwise. Ensure their first interaction with you is a positive one. Make sure you have the stock available. Speedy delivery and fast communication is also essential. Leverage the opportunity to create loyal and lifelong customers.

  1. Use different imaging

If consumers see the same image more than once they will assume it is a repeated deal. Vary your images to engage your customers so that they will want to find out more.

  1. Make it time-sensitive

A 24-hour events creates a sense of urgency. If buyers believe they have more time to think about a purchase they may abandon it entirely. You want to appeal to bargain-hungry impulse shoppers, so make your deals so good they’ll have to check-out quickly or risk missing out!

  1. Be CLEAR

Make sure your consumer knows exactly what they’re getting. Make the messaging clear around the bargain for maximum impact. This could be a high percentage off, the exact dollar amount off, a 3 for 2 type deal or a value add. There is no point referring to the dollar value price, for example, without making it clear exactly what the discount is.

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