Growing Relationships with Consumers: How a Global Brand Leverages ChannelAdvisor Where to Buy

9 February, 2020

Brands Helen de Souza By Helen de Souza

The following case study features a current customer that leveraged ChannelAdvisor’s Where to Buy solution to increase conversions, revenue and ROI.


This ChannelAdvisor customer is a standout brand with a growing omnichannel presence in Australia, New Zealand, the Americas, Asia and Europe. The company is laser-focused on becoming the world’s most celebrated seller in its vertical. The brand employs over 3,000 people globally and boasts an award-winning portfolio of products featuring dozens of brands. With bold solutions for the digital landscape, it collaborates with ChannelAdvisor, working to meet consumer expectations and maintain its competitive edge.


The branded manufacturer recognised that its empowered consumers were looking for a more direct way to make a purchase. The company’s website needed to deliver more than product information — it needed a solution to enrich and unify the customer’s buying journey between traditional retail and owned and unowned e-commerce avenues. 


ChannelAdvisor’s Where To Buy proved to be the best solution, providing the e-commerce seller with a seamless connection from website to retailers. This connection allowed the ChannelAdvisor customer to meet new consumer expectations in the ever-evolving e-commerce space. The time savings afforded the company the opportunity to better understand consumer behaviour patterns, which helped to optimise operations and increase conversion rates. 

With ChannelAdvisor’s support, the brand remains an innovative global market leader. As a leading e-commerce company, ChannelAdvisor helped the branded manufacturer to easily collect and define the products it wanted to sell. 


Backed by a powerful platform, this ChannelAdvisor customer has been able to prove its innovation and presence to its consumer base as well as support its local and international retail partners. Since integrating with the ChannelAdvisor Where To Buy solution, the company has seen a boost in sales. 

Beyond an increase in revenue and ROI, the online seller found that ChannelAdvisor Where to Buy strengthened its relationships with its retailers at the same time as opening up channels for selling direct to consumer. 


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