Two things matter when selling online – Reputation and Price

XSellco offers two powerful tools to improve your customer support and automate your price management. Working seamlessly with ChannelAdvisor, they ensure that you stay competitive at all times without giving away unnecessary margin.

Fusion CRM – All your customer support in one place

Fusion simplifies your customer support by ensuring that order details are to hand as you answer every question. Text expansion and personalised templates improve the speed and accuracy of your replies to improve feedback ratings, enhance your reputation and drive sales.

Key benefits include:

  • Details at your fingertips – Order details are displayed beside every question together with a direct link to the ChannelAdvisor fulfilment history.
  • Anywhere access – Fusion Mobile allows you to handle customer support anytime, anywhere to improve responsiveness.
  • Faster responses – Stock replies can be fully personalized with customer and order details. Automation rules allow up to 50% of queries to be processed accurately without any human intervention.
  • Powerful multi-user access – Real-time updates ensure that everyone is working on a different ticket.
  • International language support – Tickets are directed to your most appropriate team member and translated automatically based on the languages that they speak.
  • Pricing model aligned to your business – a variety of plan options from as low as $79. All plans offer unlimited users.

XSellco also offers Price Manager, a high-performance repricing tool which combines rules and algorithms to optimise your Amazon Buy Box ownership and maximise profitability.

Free 14-day trial

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