American Outlets: Tap into the Israeli Global Market

A unique shopping experience, bringing inspiration, innovation and unmatched quality products to our customers.

American Outlets is an online partner for Shufersal, retailer in Israel, and a result of a collaboration between Lev Cargo in the United States and the Israeli company Supersol. Connecting brands and retailers to consumers through an innovative platform, American Outlets provides more than a million US and European products from leading brands to the Israeli market.

  • Variety — Find over a million products and thousands of brands from leading suppliers in the US.
    • Apparel
    • Shoes
    • Jewelry & Watches
    • Electronics
    • Handbags & Fashion Accessories
    • Beauty & Fragrance
    • Toys & Baby
    • Sports & Camping Equipment
  • Price — The prices of the products on our marketplace are American outlet prices; the purchase is made directly from the US to the buyer’s home.
  • Fast and affordable premium delivery — All packages arrive in Israel only by express air delivery, so buyers can receive the product within 7 to 14 business days from the date of booking — all at low-cost shipping options.
  • No additional surprises and charges — American Outlets sellers, your buyers will not receive any additional shipping requirement from the shipping company. The payment at the checkout already includes all taxes and VAT costs (if necessary).
  • Full return right — Within 14 days from the date of receipt of the product, buyers can return it and receive a full credit for its price after paying a $15 return shipping fee (If there is a defect in the item, it is the responsibility of the supplier to pay the fee).

American Outlets provides high quality products and fair pricing by allowing Israeli customers to purchase directly from US sellers – seemingly, one click away!