Were you surprised by Amazon’s migration from Marketplace Web Services to the Selling Partner API? We can help.

As of Aug 31, 2023, the Merchant Fulfillment (MFN) API, Orders API and Reports API are no longer available on Marketplace Web Services (MWS). From March 2024, all other MWS APIs, including the Products API, will follow. Unfortunately, we’ve spoken with a number of Amazon sellers with “homegrown” integrations that weren’t ready, only noticing when their orders broke.

ChannelAdvisor has hundreds of engineers that reliably deploy code on an hourly basis — integrate once to us and we’ll handle the API updates for you.

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Homegrown integrations might save you in the near term, but can cost you over the long term. With ChannelAdvisor you can:

  • Integrate once to our platform and never have to worry again: Our marketplace development team spends significant time keeping up with continual marketplace changes
  • Long-lasting integrations: We have maintained compatibility with integrations built 15 years ago
  • Scale with our systems: We process tens of billions of template mappings daily and have three patents for technology to manage marketplace data
  • Maintain PII compliance: Marketplaces audit our integrations annually to ensure PII compliance
  • Trust us to protect your data: Our platform is audited for SOC 2 Part 2 compliance annually and we test with external contractors to ensure the highest level of security
  • Proactively manage your API performance: We have sophisticated monitoring tools to detect API issues if and when they occur.

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