Amazon Advertising

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ChannelAdvisor is the easiest, most effective way to advertise your products on Amazon. Our integrations give you more control to create, monitor and manage all of your campaigns from within one central interface. And when you’re ready to gain maximum visibility on the world’s leading marketplaces, you can entrust both strategy and execution to the industry’s most knowledgeable digital marketing experts.

How It Works

Our robust e-commerce platform provides everything you need for more effective campaigns on Amazon, with the flexibility to choose options that best meet your needs. With our unique mix of industry experience, advanced technology and proven strategies, you’ll blast ahead of the competition in no time.

ChannelAdvisor Experience + ChannelAdvisor Technology = Amazon Success

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Our advertising experts have spent 16 years in the e-commerce space, helping sellers navigate the evolving online landscape.


We offer best-in-class technology, including platform features such as customizable reporting and automated bid management.


We work exclusively in e-commerce, understand the nuances of advertising within marketplaces and provide proven strategies to optimize ROAS and ACoS.

Amazon Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands and Coupons

If you really want to boost your visibility and increase sales, using Amazon’s full suite of advertising options is a must. We understand managing all those campaigns can get overwhelming, and have streamlined the process for you. Use your ChannelAdvisor account to select the right products, promotions, keywords and more. Then use our advanced automation features to launch or pause ads based on the criteria you set to improve Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS) and Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

Advanced Support for Amazon Advertising

We believe a well-managed Amazon Advertising strategy is essential for long-term success — and not just for reaching new customers. It’s equally vital for protecting your brand equity from competitors who bid on your terms in attempts to cannibalize your space. Our integration digs deep into the inner workings of Amazon’s API, adding functions and features far beyond what you’ll get within the Amazon user interface itself. That means our digital marketing specialists can make bulk changes to keywords, create custom date range reports and automate rule-based bidding — competitive advantages you won’t get when relying solely on Amazon.

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