World First is an award-winning foreign exchange company, offering individuals and businesses access to the best exchange rates and excellent service. If you’re involved in making international money transfers, here are the main reasons to use World First:

  • Better exchange rates than your bank, saving you money
  • Fastest available international payments, usually on the same day
  • Best-in-class and easy to use online platform, available 24/7
  • Exceptional service, and your own dedicated contact

Set up in London in 2004, World First now also has offices in Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, the Netherlands and the United States.

The success and rapid growth of the company is based on putting the client at the centre of the business. Every call will always be answered by a person – not a machine – within three rings, and the aim is to make currency transfers as straightforward, secure and customer friendly as possible.

Amongst their recent award wins, they triumphed in their sector at the 2013 Customer Experience Awards, and they’re finalists and national champions at the 2013/14 European Business Awards.

World First is unique in that it’s just big enough to offer you total security, but also agile enough to care passionately about delivering superb customer service and doing things in the best possible way.

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World First for Online Sellers

World First have helped over 40,000 online marketplace merchants to open non-domestic bank accounts and receive payments. This allows these companies to make considerable savings on their cross-border transactions.

The process is so easy. World First sets up non-domestic receiving bank accounts in the UK, US, Europe, China, Australia and Canada on clients’ behalf so they can receive payments from their marketplace sales. World First then converts the funds back to the client’s account at a competitive exchange rate, saving them money versus the rate you’d get from your bank or at the rate set by the marketplace.

Clients have access to balances, statements and trades 24/7 by logging into World First Online. With forward contracts and currency options, clients can agree a rate for a future date, up to three years ahead.

If you’re an etailer looking to repatriate your overseas profits, make the process quick and easy and start saving time and money by using World First.

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World First for your business payments

When dealing with exports, imports, paying overseas salaries or any other international payments, the way you manage your foreign exchange needs can make a huge difference to your business’s bottom line. World First can help save you time and money, striving to get you the best exchange rates possible and working alongside you to decide the best strategy for you and your business.

With World First, you’ll get access to a range of products at exceptional rates. With a forward contract, you can agree an exchange rate for a transfer in the future, knowing that the rate can’t change even if the markets go against you before the payment is due to be made.

There are also currency hedging options that offer more protection from falling exchange rates than spot contracts and – unlike forward contracts – also let you benefit when they move in your favour.

And if you’re making hundreds – even thousands – of payments every month, World First Online can help you automate payments, so you won’t have to lift a finger. They can even tailor their system to work seamlessly with yours, via World First Autopay.

Plus you’ll have access to World First’s expert analysis and advice, which can be tailored to meet the exact needs of your company.

By using World First for your corporate currency exchange needs, the savings you make could be significant, and the whole process is made quick and easy.

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