Integrate ChannelAdvisor with your Email Service Provider (ESP) for better customer segmentation, marketing automation, and increased revenue, instantly.

Windsor Circle’s Retention Automation Software helps retailers retain and get more value from their existing customers by leveraging purchase history, customer, and product data to power automated lifecycle marketing campaigns.  We do this by connecting ChannelAdvisor to your ESP, analyzing retention metrics and CLV, recovering abandoned carts and retaining more customer using marketing automation.


Windsor Circle provides guaranteed, enterprise-grade, affordable data integrations to automatically build and update customer segments and profiles using both historical and ongoing order data. Our API pulls data from ChannelAdvisor, analyzes, cleans, de-duplicates, augments it and then creates and updates customer segments and enhanced profiles directly in your ESP.

You’ll see over 50 custom data fields, including Date of First Purchase, Date of Most Recent Purchase, Lifetime Spend, Total Number of Purchases, all SKUs Purchased, and more, in an actionable format.  We provide a 3-day guarantee: your ChannelAdvisor purchase history data will be available in your ESP in 3 days or less, or you get 30 days of free service.


Windsor Circle provides automated, ongoing analysis of your customer, product and purchase data.  Upon installation, you’ll get a Windsor Circle account with access to over 70 graphs, tables, and charts that give you insights into your historical retail analytics and retention marketing performance.  We provide insights and recommendations that double and triple email marketing revenue, plus there is no software to learn and no IT involvement.

Windsor Circle’s Retention Analytics Dashboard includes:

  • Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
  • Best and Worst Sources of Repeat Customers
  • Latency (When does a customer repeat purchase?)
  • Which products drive the best customer retention
  • Which coupons perform the best in engaging existing customers


Windsor Circle powers abandoned cart recovery emails by hooking into your e-commerce shopping cart, and automating a series of emails that are helping merchants recover 10-20% of abandoned carts. Considering that on average, 70% of carts are abandoned, this can have a huge impact on your revenue! Our Recovery solution includes anti-gaming options, so shoppers who purposefully abandon future carts receive recovery emails without coupon codes, so you don’t train your shoppers to abandon in order to receive a discount.


Unleash the power of your ChannelAdvisor data to help Keep Your Customers! Windsor Circle’s Retention Automation Platform instantly analyzes your customer’s purchase history and recommends powerful retention automation campaigns to help you maximize customer lifetime value. You’ll be able to set up highly targeted one-off and automated campaigns based on purchase history, behavior, and product preferences.

With Windsor Circle, you can instantly build and automate:

  • New Customer Welcome Emails
  • Post Purchase Thank You Series
  • Best Customer Rewards
  • Triggered Replenishment Campaigns
  • Personalized Product Recommendations
  • Product-specific How-to and Return Prevention Campaigns
  • Customer Win-Back Campaigns
  • And more

Become part of the Million Dollar Circle!

Retailers like and are making over $1MM a year from data-driven lifecycle marketing, powered by Windsor Circle. By leveraging purchase history data to create automated win-back, post purchase thank you, welcome, product recommendation, and replenishment emails, both companies are proving that there’s gold in their data. Download the free case studies here.

About Us

Windsor Circle was founded by email marketers and e-commerce experts, who understand online retailers’ goals and challenges alike. Making the most of your customer data — from product purchases, to demographics, to purchase frequency and engagement history — is invaluable, but often hard to do. However, getting it right leads to phenomenal results.

In the fierce and growing competition for inbox attention, you can’t afford to send generic messages. Make sure you are sending the right message to the right customer at the right time and help your customers buy more. Our clients’ results speak for themselves. We look forward to helping you!