SuperShop is at the intersection of fintech & commerce empowering users to spend less, save more, and build credit so they can experience more of what life has to offer.

SuperShop is trusted by over 5 million customers worldwide and has helped them save over $145MM to date. Super is backed by Steph Curry and has raised over $100MM USD and surpassed $1B in sales.

At Super, we solve real-world problems in fintech, travel, and ecommerce as we help our millions of customers spend less and save more. We have raised over $100MM to date and have driven over $2B in sales since the release of our first product (SnapTravel) in 2016. Our growth and impact is a testament to the work and dedication of our 200+ person team around the world. Established in 2016 as a travel business, Super (formerly Snapcommerce) diversified into ecommerce with the acquisition of Daily Steals in 2021, and fintech with the launch of SuperCash in 2022. Super is uniquely positioned to leverage customers across all three verticals, cross-marketing our products to drive sales of your product offerings. Our closed user groups and unique marketing channels allow us to engage our over 30 million customers with your products without cannibalizing your business elsewhere online. Super is poised to continue building its brand and become a household name. Why Work with Us? Zero cost to get started: Working with Super costs you nothing! We have no listing or advertising fees to promote and showcase your products to millions of users. High sales velocity: Tap into Super’s 20+mm users across eCommerce, travel and fintech products to drive higher sales velocity across your catalog. Targeted marketing: Our affiliate team along with other industry experts utilize a variety of marketing channels like email, SMS, affiliate networks to market your products. Advanced data analytics and technology support: We can provide advanced customer analytics on the products you’re selling giving insights into customer demand, demographics, and preferences. Superior operational and customer support capabilities: Our easy-to-use platform simplifies the customer purchase experience and handles initial inquiries before escalating to your team if/when required. Join us in democratizing access to rewards, savings, and credit, so everyone can level up in life.